Sunday, April 8, 2012

RA Retreat

This time last weekend, I had just gotten back from our RA retreat.  The time of fellowship with friends was wonderful.  I can in no way say the weekend was restful, but it was in every way refreshing.  We stayed at a cabin in the middle of no where, and had a baby bear cub in 'our' driveway.  We went on many hikes, enjoyed hours around the campfire, time spent hearing each other share about the Psalm they had been meditating on, and all around just a good time together as dear friends.  Here are some picture highlights from the weekend!

 The cabin we stayed in is owned by 30+ men, as a hunting cabin.  It had plenty of room for all of us!
 Saturday lunch, we enjoyed steaks grilled over the fire, corn on the cob (some of the better I have tasted, and I have tasted a lot), baked potatoes, and fruit salad!  What a treat this was.

 Hannah has a love for moss.

 When we got to the top, some went on hiking, and some of us stayed at the top, and enjoyed the view.  I then re-entered my childhood days, and began playing.  I was "picking" the moss and stacking it up.  Rachel decided to see how tall she could stack rocks, so we had a "race" to see who could stack their's higher quicker...moss, or rocks.  Hannah then came over and joined us, and began to build a log cabin.  Here is mainly her creation, but I did contribute the moss mountain.

 We tried so many new things over the fire: jellybeans, oreos, Reese's cup in a marshmallow, etc.

 For Saturday night dinner, we fixed our dinner as we got hungry.  We had hamburger inside set out on the counter, along with potatoes, carrots, onions, and other vegetables.  With this, we made tin foil dinners.  You put what you want on your tinfoil and add whatever seasonings you may want, and wrap it up tight.  Then you stick it directly on the hot coals.

 Tom tried to be creative and make a taco, but the tortilla cooked too quickly.  He said the inside of it was really good though.  He tried a second one, and the tortilla was much less cooked. 
We then decided to try a tin foil dessert--apples, caramel, cinnamon, and marshmallow.  It was delicious.

 The five of us women RAs (Bekah, Hannah, Rachel, Bekah, and myself).  We took a bunch of group pictures with every possible variety, but I don't have those pics.

 The cabin we stayed in.

When we first pulled in the driveway we were like "Wow-we are in the middle of no where, will the school van make it through here?"  Next thing we know, the man showing us to the cabin stops and is pointing to something, we look to the direction he is pointing and there is a bear cub.  We go a little further and notice we get to drive through a small stream to get there.  Immediately we knew it was going to be a great weekend!
Sure enough, it was a wonderful weekend.  The thirteen of us had a lot of fun together, and a nice time of being off campus.

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