Thursday, August 16, 2012

Picture Post

So, I was taking some pictures off of my camera today and noticed that I have several pictures I have not yet posted.  I am going to skip the long lengthy stories of the pictures and attempt giving you an abbreviated version.  Here it goes...

 You have seen this lady before...This is my dear friend Kari (who is coming up in half a week...eek!  I can hardly wait).  During the spring we made a long list of things to do together over the summer.  We did accomplish several of the things, but sadly we both kept quite busy.  One of the things on our list was "to make a popcorn recipe every week".  It was the last week, and we had to do at least one popcorn recipe, haha.  We didn't have all the ingredients for any recipe, so we made up our own.  I won't take your time to give all the details but let me tell was an adventure!

 When I first got home, Scott was gone.  Therefore mom had taken over Scott's gardening business.  We did a ton of picking (as described in an earlier post), and on Saturday we brought it to farmer's market.

 Oh I love my mom so much!

 Isn't me nephew and sister just both the sweetest ever?  Mom "naps" while Evan does, but only since she can't keep her eyes open for pictures!

Oh how I love summer meals!  I love veggies, and I love grilled.  Here we had fresh corn on the cob, fried zucchini and grilled chicken...with homemade iced tea.  All of it was delicious!

And an exciting announcement I enjoy telling all....
I am engaged to my best friend!  I hope to post our story soon..with pictures!

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