Monday, August 6, 2012

WV, NJ, Philly, VT, and soon MT

So much has been happening lately, encouraging a lack of posting here. My summer finished up very well. I finished work on Friday and then on Saturday I drove to New Jersey to vacation with my grandparents for a few days. This trip was definitely a growing experience for me. I don't hate driving, but if there is someone else in the car that enjoys it, I am quick to let them drive. This has resulted in my getting very little practice in driving long distances. When I drove down to West Virginia at the beginning of the summer with Daniel, we intentionally had me drive to get some more practice in driving long distances. I drove five hours in one sitting. Driving to New Jersey though was supposed to be a eight and a half hour drive (turned into a nine and a half plus hour trip) and on the Baltimore beltway. Needless to say, I was dreading the drive. I did fine going through Baltimore, my struggle came once I crossed into New Jersey. I was thankful to pull into the driveway at the other end.

I had a wonderful few days with my grandparents at the beach. It was fun visiting with them, as well as the relaxing atmosphere of the beach. I did get some sun, but enjoyed my time so much. I left by nine on Tuesday morning and went to the Philly airport to pick Daniel up. That is when I got real experience in heavy traffic, six lanes of it! Daniel was a very welcomed site and I was eager to hand the keys over to him to get me out of Philly...aren't guys wonderful? We had about a seven hour trip from the airport and made it safely into Vermont.

We went straight to Tim and Beth's to meet that sweet nephew. I was quickly greeted by my sweet niece as she exclaimed "Bebby!!" and ran over to give me a hug. Both Annette and Evan have stolen my heart. Love those two to pieces.

The next few days involved much, much, much gardening! Wednesday was farmer's market and so Daniel, Mom, and I worked with that (because Scott was gone for the week, so mom was taking care of his business).

Thursday was a recoup day. I brought Daniel to the airport to fly back (oh how I love his flight benefits and how he can fly for free on his three day weekends), and then came back to get some things ready for dinner. It was a wonderful evening of fellowship with Daniel and Beth's parents. I also got to snuggle that sweet little man.

We dreaded Friday and the hard work we knew it involved. It was harvest day for Saturday's farmer's market. After 7.5 hours of picking, and 1.5 hours of washing, we had reaped 17 lbs of snap peas, 7 lbs of shell peas, 5 lbs of snow peas, 21 lbs of yellow beans, 37.5 lbs of green beans (31.5 of those in a single row), 8 lbs of purple beans, 41 tomatoes, 14 cucumbers, 1 egg plant, and 1 zucchini. We were sore and exhausted. All three of us had been picking got poison parsnip though. I do not have it as bad as Julia and neither of us have it near as bad as mom got it.

Saturday's market was hot and slow, but we still did alright. Scott and Sarah got home from TLC and we all just vegged out in the cool basement while snapping beans.

Today has been a catch up day. I ordered a book for this coming semester, and have been working on balancing finances and organize papers. On Wednesday, I fly to Charlotte for Daniel and I to leave on Thursday to head out to Montana for some camp friend's wedding. We are both so very eager to be back at camp. We will arrive in time to be at the last day of camp. We will leave Ekalaka Sunday evening after the wedding and fly back. I will be back home sometime on Tuesday, Lord willing. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas with my excitement for this trip. I also hope to see Uncle Dan on this trip!

Anyways, back to getting other things done. Sorry it took so long to give an update. I am doing well though and enjoying my family.

Today's challenge: Contemplate the forgiving love of is amazing and will overwhelm did me!

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