Friday, January 18, 2013

Student Teaching Orientation

I have been back on campus for a week and a half and while I still marvel at the fact that I am preparing for two of my greatest dreams, I am overwhelmed by the high calling of both.

We have been spending many hours in the classroom learning the requirements we have for student teaching.  This is the most overwhelming part for me.  I am excited to teach the students and learn from my host teacher, but I am nervous about keeping organized and on top of all of the additional requirements for student teaching.  I expect this to be my busiest semester yet (which I can't imagine life being any busier then certain past semesters), but I am eager to look back on it and see how the Lord grew me and sustained me during this time.

In addition to student teaching orientation, we have been doing some PRAXIS II study sessions.  There are two parts to this test that I will take on April 13th.  I have already passed the PRAXIS I (my sophomore year), and am much more nervous about this one.  This one is the technical specialized test that determines if I become certified or not.  All prayers are needed and appreciated.

We are taking one official class as well in our time.  We are taking "Teaching PE, Health, and Safety".  I have really enjoyed this class and specifically in learning about some of the inner workings of our body.  For instance, if you want to be improving in your health and fitness, your heart rate needs to reach 65-80% of your maximum heart rate.  Want to know your maximum heart rate?  Take 220 (what it is at birth) and subtract your age.  I have enjoyed learning this but am nervous about teaching PE in the school.  There are a lot of requirements for this class which are also a bit daunting.

Finally, we are also going through CPR and first aid training.  I have already taken both last year with being an RA but it expires this year (2 year certification), so it was good timing.  I feel like I am catching on to the CPR much better this year, but hope and pray I never actually have to use it.  They have just recently gotten new dummies for the CPR that are more life like in the "feel".  It is much more difficult on these new ones.  My palms and wrists are literally bruised and my arms very sore.  I am thankful for this training though and feel so much more comfortable with it this year.

So there you have it.  My life is kept fairly busy with the above.  When not in one of these, I am usually sitting on my bed working on my e-portfolio, or reading Called to Teach.

How are wedding plans coming alone? you may ask.  The bridesmaid's dresses have been ordered and shipped.  I am just praying fervently that they are right, fit, and everything works out with them.  We also hired a photographer over Christmas break, excited to have them capture our special day!  There is a bit of stuff we will be working on in the near future, life just has a way of being insane.

I hope this update finds you doing well, and refreshed in the Lord.  Feel free to drop me a note or give me a call, I would love to hear from you!

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