Monday, January 7, 2013

come and gone

[all photo credit goes to my Mom]

Christmas break has come and gone.  Where it has gone, I have not the faintest idea.  Lord willing, I catch a flight out of Burlington this evening down to Charlotte.  This break has been quite eventful starting with a few days with that amazing fiance of mine (no pictures on this computer), and then up here for the remainder.  

Of course we had to get some Christmas baking in for the ambiance of Christmas.  Almond sugar cookies were the cookie of choice.  While we ladies baked, Dad worked his magic making Mom's kitchen beautiful. For those of you who do not know, my Dad is a contractor and my parents are building their home.  We have been in the house over 10 years, and it is a slow process, but the kitchen getting done has been HUGE!

 We celebrated our family Christmas on the 25th.  Here is our family shot for this year.  I am adding to the family next year...with a husband!
I loved the wifely/housekeeping gifts I got this year.  My mom made this apron with no specific pattern.  The neckline is adjustable and the apron is reversible.  The colors are perfect for our upcoming kitchen.  Mom, you are wonderful!

On the 29th, my sister (Maid of Honor) and mom had planned a bridal shower.  They went all out and made it an extra special time.  There was a blizzard that morning, but even with the weather conditions, we had 32 ladies out.  What an honor!  
 My mom made the cake (amazing, yet again), prepared several sweet breads (with the addition of an Aloha bread from my Grandma), crackers, cheese, grapes, carrots, broccoli and lemonade (provided by a dear lady at our church). Mom did a fabulous job preparing and planning the finger foods out. 

 Sarah was our lovely host who had prepared several fun activities and games.  She put a lot of time into it, making it such a special time.  Thanks, Sis!

 We had a fun time with my Mom's extended family, though missing my Uncle Dan.

 Much to our "kind of" surprise, Uncle Dan showed up!  I say kind of because he is the king of surprises, so to an extent it is not a surprise, haha.  It was so good to have him, his friend, and his new little puppy with us.

 Actually before the family all came, Dad finished his Mom's kitchen.  Watching him work on this gave me a new appreciation for his carpentry.  He is truly an artist and very talented at what he does. Fun to see my Dad's talent put into and area of the home my Mom spends so much time fulfilling one of her many talents!

So there it is, my Christmas is a semi nut shell.  Praying flights cooperate so that I am able to get down to Charlotte tomorrow to travel back to school tomorrow.  My last semester is here and I am ready for the learning experience I know student teaching will be.

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