Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I was bored the other day in between studying.

Apparently this has been a big year for WV in getting snow. Last week we got a ton of freezing rain and slush, and then over the weekend some snow. This morning, I walked to class through an inch and a half (or so) while wearing my flats. It is snowing pretty good today, but is so beautiful. On my way to class (which ended up being cancelled), I had like three snowflakes fly into my eye- yikes! A couple of weeks ago when the same thing happened to my friend, I joking told her that that wasn't possible, because that is why God created eyelashes. So when I was walking to class with that same friend this morning, I made sure to tell her that my eyelashes had failed me, lol.

While going through a storm, I am commonly reminded of how no two snowflakes are the same. What a creative God we serve. I might be able to be creative enough for a handful of snow throughout my lifetime, but all the snow that ever existed, exists, and is yet to exist, wow! Enjoy these snow pictures from campus.

(it was really hard looking into the snow.)

Check out the lyrics to the song "SNOW" sung in the movie, "White Christmas":

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