Saturday, February 19, 2011

another week

Another week has come and gone.  I find myself counting down the days until spring break! 13 days is the count, just in case you are interested!  13 is less than 14, which means less than 2 weeks- hip hip hooray!  The week went very though and I am so thankful for the gorgeous weather we had.

Wednesday night was no exception to every other week.  There is this cute little guy (same little boy mentioned in this post) who comes each week, and this week he had a foam cut out of a tiger.  He went to hand it to me, and I acted scared out of my mind (pretty much to the extent that my mom would have spanked me if I had been that dramatic about something so small).  He of course giggled to no end, and then tried to soothe me by saying "it's okay Miss Rebekah, he is just pretend".  I immediately stopped my drama and asked how he knew it was pretend.  He quickly replied "because is frozen like this *poses in a similar way as the tiger* and Jesus made him that way".  Trying to maintain my composure at this time, I ask him if he is pretend or real.  He assures me that he is real, and so I ask "how do you know you are real?"  He looked at the ground, and then back up at me, "because I have real legs, and a real face!!!"  And I could no longer hold my composure.  I lost it, as I got down on eye level with him, and just laughed.  I love these kids so much, and without meaning to, they put a smile on my face each week!

The Lord graciously blessed up with gorgeous weather this week.  I was so ready to wear open toed shoes, and they got a lot of use.  I was able to comfortably walk to and from class with no jacket on either.  My room also appreciated the spring breeze blowing my white sheer curtains.  I am thankful for the breath of fresh air the Lord blessed us through the weather!

Anyways, I am going to stop boring you with my long winded-ness and close this blog off.  Thanks to those who faithfully pray for me.  I recognize that it is your prayers that carry me through each day.  I pray each of you have a lovely week- and feel free to drop me a note with ways I may specifically be praying for you!

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