Friday, February 18, 2011


Hannah entered ABC with me as a transfer student.  She has been a friend since just about the beginning, and I have appreciated her friendship.  On New Year's Day, she got engaged.  I got a call from her at about 12:28am.  I was concerned something bad had happened because of the hour, but instead it was her and her fianc√© calling me to announce their engagement.  I might have woken the neighbors through my screech of excitement.  Sadly, she did not come back to ABC this semester, but instead pursued her studies elsewhere.  I have missed her tremendously, but was delighted when I heard she was coming in this weekend.  I saw her from my window as she got here, and she came to my room, we hugged, and she gave me an envelope.  I opened the envelope as she called her mom to let her know she had arrived safely.  I was looking "wow, this is super cute" when I read the note on the card "My special day just wouldn't be complete without you there, so...will you be my bridesmaid?!?"  I had to hold my excitement as she wrapped up her phone call.  But I am so honored and excited to be able to be one of her bridesmaids.

I wanted to post pictures though so you all could see her creativity in asking her bridesmaids to be her bridesmaids!  The last picture has the names of all of her other bridesmaids too.

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