Tuesday, February 8, 2011

random thoughts

I feel my mind is full of random thoughts. Thoughts I think "I should put this on my facebook status" and then realize "oh wait, I like the one I have". So sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the random thoughts from a college student.

-I saw the moon two nights in a row!
-Earth science exam: weirdly enough, studying is kind of enjoyable, but not looking forward to the exam at all.
-snow? I thought we had moved on.
-I love the children of WV but this generation is going to be stupid after the number of snow days they have.
-Any ideas on a public school near home I should do my spring break observations at?
-Will I ever get all of my observations done?
-It is awesome to watch God's hand at work!
-The snow outside is beautiful.
-Today was like the fifth time in like two weeks when I have either drooled or missed my mouth when taking a drink. That's disgusting--what is wrong with me?
-I sold my more expensive book on amazon today.
-What craft should I do for the kids tomorrow for Genesis 37?
a) Joseph's coat: marker on coffee filter, then sprayed
b) Joseph's coat: colorful craft supplies to glue on his coat
c) Joseph's coat: construction paper mosaic
d) Sheaves (from Joseph's dream): glue grain and rice on the colored picture
-I love hot apple cider.
-I really miss my sister and sharing a room with her.
-I would really like to cook something creative, and be able to have people over and practice hospitality.
-I love index cards, highlighters, and whiteboards.
-Is there such a thing as having too many stickies on one's desk?
-I wish I were home with my crafty supplies, so I could make valentine's day cards.
-I am looking forward to a productive weekend.
-I could really go for some of Ruthie's pepperoni rolls right about now. Us college students are so blessed to have her in our life!
-I love reading other people's blogs, it is a bit of an addiction of mine.

I honestly think I should do a blog like this more often. It may be a bore fest for you, but it was very relaxing for me to get all of this just out there!

Have a great day!

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  1. That was fun reading, now to learn the outcome of some of them, -craft, how the test turned out, keep wishing for spring, it will come. Love you honey!!