Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Picture Post

I am currently enjoying a dinner in my room of the leftovers from dinner last night with Daniel.  I have had some pictures to post for a while, and thought now would be a good time.  Some of these pictures are from before break, some during, and some after!  Enjoy!

I am such a teacher at heart.  The best way I study is by writing it out and then teaching it to myself!  Can you tell the two exams I was studying for?

 Study mode...notice the beautiful lap quilt my mom made me.

 Starting to pack to go on break.

 We had SO much snow on the roof, Dad had to shovel it off.

 How can you not love this face?

 The first sign of a long week.  My poor Dad was not feeling well.

 Hershey knows she is not allowed upstairs, so she lays across the top stair and rests her chin upstairs.  Sometimes you will catch her whining until she gets your attention.

 I had a three plus hour layover in Boston and got slightly bored.

Daniel picked me these yesterday morning.  I love how it cheers up my room, and gives my room a spring scent.

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