Saturday, March 19, 2011

a roller coaster of a week

My first week back at school had its highs and its lows.  The beginning of my week found me enjoying my time with the Millers.  I had some homework to get done in that time too, but enjoyed helping in the kitchen, fellowship, and being able to relax.  Daniel brought me back Tuesday evening, and then turned around to drive the trip back to his house.  The Lord provided safety both ways, and for that I am very thankful.

I had a hard time getting back into the pace of school again, and had forgotten to do a large project that was due Wednesday.  One thing I have learned since coming to college though, is that sometimes things don't get done.  Reading for instance--if I were to do all the reading suggested for class, I would literally go blind.  I was wrong in forgetting the project, but I didn't take overly rough because it was more of an "oops, I made a mistake.  I will do it now, and accept the late penalty."  Often times, the late penalty is worth more then stressing about it.  So, needless to say, it was a rough first start back, but I am here to report that that project is now complete!

Wednesday night was crazy with my kiddos.  I love these kids, I really do, but sometimes they test my patience, and the Lord graces me with more patience then any one person deserves.  This year, I have learned the true definition of "Terrible 2s", when they are defiant, sassy, and simply mean at times.  I love them all dearly though and wouldn't trade them for the world.

Thursday was a high day with classes, observations, staff-served dinner, night class, and devos.  Observations were a blast!  This particular observation was for Intro to Special Education so needless to say, we were in the special ed class.  One of the students was having a rough day and acting up, so the teacher asked if Melissa and I could do calendar time with the other students.  I was nervous at first, but got into it quickly, and loved it.  They are each so smart, and SO excitable.  After calendar time, we worked on bar graphs with a St. Patrick's day twist.  We did it with Lucky Charms!  The students were given a pile of cereal, where they had to separate and put them in the right column.  At the end, they marked how far up the bar graph the different parts of the cereal went up, they colored in the columns green, and then got to eat the cereal.  What a creative idea!  As always, staff-served dinner was a lot of fun too.  For the staff-served dinner, it is just as it sounds--the staff serves the students dinner.  Our server was the dean of men, and we all had a blast.  Our table had decided prior to the meal to do a Chinese fire drill periodically throughout the meal.  A seat was designated to call the switch, and when they said "switch" everyone would move one seat to their left.  I insisted that we took our own plate, silverware, and cup with us though (they wanted to just switch seats, and leave the food at each setting--yuck!).  Our server cracked up just about every time we did, and played right along with us by either sitting in a seat, or removing a seat (as if musical chairs).  We had many laughs that night.  After the dinner, The Dean of Students began reading ticket numbers for door prizes. There were several nice gifts given away including: gas cards, $50 Visa, two mountain bikes, two Kindles, and 30+ other smaller prizes.  We all had a blast, and are thankful for our fun staff members, who help make ABC what it is.

Yesterday brought more of the low.  I went about my day as normal, and then after dinner, went to the Puppet and Drama performances at school.  Both groups did a great job, and I praise the Lord for the ministry they have through using their God-given talents.  I got back to my room to a message on my computer from my brother saying that it was my Grandpa, he was not doing well at all, and they were calling the family all together.  It was a rough evening talking through everything, on the phone with mom, and talking with Tim on the computer, and alerting my RA of the situation and so on.  But God is good, and I keep thanking the Lord for the godly heritage I have.  I don't have to worry about my Grandpa dying, because while it will hurt and be hard, I know where He is going, and I know I will see him again soon.  I was wallowing in self pity until a friend pointed that out to me.  What a peace that gives.

So needless to say, my mind is very much so on my Grandpa continually, and keeping close contact with Tim and home.  He is currently doing better today then last night, but he is very ready to meet His Savior.  I have talked with him a few times, and he reassures me over and over that he loves me.  How blessed I am to have him as my Grandpa.  That is one area the Lord didn't cut me short on: I have two wonderful Grandpas who love me very much, and even more so love the Lord.  Prayers would be especially appreciated for my Grandma, as she copes with all of this.

I hope you all have a fabulous week serving the Lord, and growing to appreciate a new characteristic of  Him!

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