Saturday, February 18, 2012

a more fun side of college life

What a wonderful weekend this has been, and it promises to be a fantastic day tomorrow too.  Today we (by we, I mean the guys, haha, so technically it isn't "we") were walking around in shorts and t-shirts, and tomorrow evening we are to get 5-12 inches.  Aah, I do love West Virginia.  I made sure to breathe deep today and soak up as much sun as possible.

Thursday night was my Valentine's Party for the girls on my wing.  Thanks to a care package full of goodies from Gram and Gramp Meigs, we had fun candy, and homemade cookies.  I had found a recipe for cake batter dip, and we pigged out.  We played a game of Valentine's Feud (the two teams were less then 5 points was a close game).  After a few announcements, I shared some quick thoughts on the famous passage, 1 Corinthians 13.  It was a great night.  I so love and appreciate the girls on my wing.  They are all teaching me so much.

Friday involved a regular day of classes, president's chapel, and work in the evening.  My afternoon though was very productive in studying for biology (mitosis, meiosis 1, meiosis 2).  It is such fun when I can understand things, and with my teacher blood, making mini posters helped me a lot too.  I tried to catch some extra sleep, considering I have been exhausted this past week.  Aah, sleep is such a wonderful thing!

This morning was a somewhat relaxing morning.  I did some reading in Set-Apart Femininity and then had a wonderful quiet time with the Lord.  A reminder from the proverbs came about the love of understanding and wisdom.  I then work on some budgeting financial stuff, and then got ready for my day.  Lunch was a fun time.  We had a new (meaning never having sat with us before) faculty member sit at our table and she looked at me and said "watch out, these guys are crazy", and one of the guys laughed "oh, she knows...she knows".  Haha. I will say I enjoy the comradeship we have at our table.  I appreciate them all very much--we have many laughs, many good, and many very odd conversations.  Good times are shared with those dear friends.

After an afternoon of history homework, I went to babysit for the married student's Valentine's banquet.  I was in with the infants.  They were SO much fun.  Makes me miss Annette all the more though.  Immediately after that I headed over to the guy's dorm (tonight the guys dorm was open between 6-11:25 for female visitors to watch movies...don't worry, you had to have special permission to close your door.  All rooms with girls present were to have their door wide open with lights on) to see what party I could crash.  I stayed in one room for a while where a bunch of my friends were hanging out.  I find it comical the difference between a guy's and girl's dorm room.  A girl is all about scent and the walls being covered with pictures and posters.  The guys are all about the thrift store couch and a TV as big as they come, haha.  Their walls are plain and they may have a few blankets on their bed, but no sheets (now no, this wasn't all of them).  After crashing the parties, I returned to my room where I snuggled in for the evening and watched Christy.

I have stewardship this weekend (meaning I have to stay on campus all weekend) and so I will be staying home from church tomorrow.  I am looking forward to that time of quiet to spend with my God.  I hope you all enjoy your time with God, and time of fellowship.  Take care.

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