Monday, February 27, 2012

one week until break...

Well, today has me in my room sick a fever. :(  We are not positive what I have, other then extreme exhaustion.  Leaving for break on Friday is much anticipated. Prayers would be appreciative that I feel better by this evening.  I really need to go my history class since we don't meet for another month, and we take an exam then.  We shall see what happens though.

This past week felt quite eventful.  We got snow on Sunday (I have pictures to show, but no energy to get out my camera and put them on today, they are sure to come though).  For the first time in a long time, I agreed to join some friends in playing in the snow.  We have a steep hill behind our college gym, and so we all trucked out there in the 7 inches of snow and had a blast.  Many snowballs were thrown, many quickly finding my face.  It was such an enjoyable time to get some fresh air, do some physical exercise and enjoy some time away from the books with some good friends.  By the end of the storm, I believe we had 8-9 inches of snow.  I made sure to tell Sarah all about it!

Another big part of my week was tournament on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  In those three days I got 18.5 hours of work.  I enjoy working the concession stand at the tournaments because it is much less boring then working a regular college game down at the gym.  The difference, the high school tournaments have parents, who have money (unlike college students).  We also offer a lot more-Chick-fil-a sandwiches, chili cheese fries, nachos, pizza, pepperoni rolls, in addition to our regular drinks and candy.  In one day we can easily make well over $1000.  We stay quite busy and there is little time to do homework.

I had a bio exam on Friday, which I feel went well.  I had studied with a friend last week and that helped me out tremendously.  So while it took me a long time on the test, I feel I could get it, I just had to think through every little detail.  Tests can be kind of fun when you know what you are doing, haha.

I have continued to keep busy with observations, and loving it.  I have been observing math in a third grade classroom and love how this teacher plays so many review games where they are learning without even knowing it. I look forward to going to her classroom twice each week.

On Friday night we did a Girl's night.  The women RAs plan on each semester.  Last semester was our C Celebration, and this semester we decided to do something much simpler.  We had a Mary Kay party at the beginning and closed it off with watching a chick flick, sipping Root-beer/Orange floats, and eating popcorn.  We had to chuckled that our C Celebration went so well (with it having so many details and planning put into it), and our simple evening of make up and a movie, everything was going wrong.  I went downstairs to pop some popcorn and had to walk through the gym to get back up to the room when a basketball game flying at me making me spill a bowl full off popcorn all over the floor.  The second thing was that the projector that we had checked and had worked for the first five minute of the movie, the bulb blew.  We definitely all made memories.

Church was so good yesterday morning as Pastor Pfleger reminded us that discipleship is not a choice, but rather a command.  We cannot avoid that fact, and how sad it is if we are.  That is deliberate disobedience.  It sure convicted me, because while I try to impact many lives, am I taking one young lady under my wing and intentionally discipling her?  I am ashamed to say, no.

Well, my energy level is quickly depleting.  I trust you all will have a great week.  I am going to focus on getting better so I can go home and get much needed rest and get some health things ironed out and allow my body to heal.  Don't forget to smile...

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