Sunday, February 5, 2012

updates on the life of a college student

The update is that I am happily (not always) busy.  I don't know what is different about this semester, but I feel things are happening so much faster.  This time last year I took an entire semester to write a lesson plan.  This semester, I have already done two and I am like three weeks in.  Reality is, I won't 2-3 months to write a lesson plan ever again in my life, but it was nice while it lasted.  My classes just feel to be a bit more intense this semester.  Which when I really think about it, I like it that way.  I don't want me classes to be flaky and easy.

My favorite class this semester quite possibly is Teaching Math.  The professor who teaches this class is an A+ teacher.  She spent several years teaching high school math, and this is her third year on the ABC teaching staff, and I have loved her since my first morning of classes my freshman year.  She knows how to portray the topic at hand, and her main focus is to help us as students out the best way possible.  She bends over backwards for us all the time.  If something is working, and we aren't learning from something, she takes the time to teach it a different way.  She fluctuates her schedule for what is most convenient for her. I love having her class first thing in the morning.

On top of regular classes I find myself busy with meetings (whether it be RA, Mission's Conference, Jr/Sr Banquet...), observations, Practical Christian Service and church.  I love each of these areas of my life, but they tend to keep me quite busy.

RAing is going very well this semester.  I am continuing to learn so much, but I feel I know my girls better this semester, so there is a fun relationship with the girls on my wing.  I have been able to have many very good conversations already, which is what I love!!  I also love the connection this brings to me with the other RAs.  They are amazing examples for me, and I so enjoy learning from them.

Mission's Conference planning never ends. We go year round.  Hands down, this has been the best experience I have had in college.  While it has been a ton of work, I love it.  Currently we are evaluating this past year, and working on making the needed changes for next year.  We will soon start planning for next year...theme, speaker, committees, etc.

The Jr/Sr Banquet is put on by the junior class...that's me. I am chairman of the Niceties Committee which I have been told basically overseas all of the other committees to make sure everything comes together.  We also are the ones who do the behind the scenes planning, and set up the evening's schedule.  I am excited for this time, it should be great evening of honoring our seniors.

Observations haven't picked up too steady year.  I will have 20 hours for Teaching Math (with two of those me teaching), and I have like 7 hours for Teaching Music, plus teaching two lessons at my teacher's pre-school (I teach with my friend Kari on February 28th, be praying!).

For my Practical Christian Service, I go to a local public school and work in their after school program as a tutor.  I generally have the same kids each week and I love it.  I feel like a teacher when I go there, and they run over to me "Miss Hewitt!" "I got an A on my spelling test!" "May I please read to you?" "I want to you to help me on my math homework"  Nothing warms a teachers heart more then being wanted and needed by her students.  I have a love for those children and love teaching them, and seeing them learn.

My church family here is wonderful.  Going to church throughout the week is my highlight.  On Wednesday nights I help in the 2s and 3s.  Tracie is the teacher and we have been working together for all 3 years, so we team teach very well.  One thing that has been hard is watching the kids I taught the first year or last year graduate into a new class.  It is hard watching my little ones grow up.  I have some fun new ones though.  Tracie and I just love watching their "pretend".  A few weeks ago, one of the little girls started "talking on the phone", "Daughter, you must come home.  We have an emergency!!"  I asked, "what is the emergency you all are having?"  "There is a fire in our home!"  Hearing this, one of the boys runs over to the play kitchen/home and yells "somebody get my ax."  We took this as a training moment that if there is a fire, we must get OUT of the home, and we must call for help.  I love their imaginations though.

So all this to say, while my life is busy, I am loving it!  Being with and around children is clearly what the Lord has for so instead of fulfilling credits, or doing a job, I am simply doing what God has called me to and what I love to do!

Currently, the prayers on my heart have been about summer plans.  I ask you to join with me in praying that the Lord provide a summer job for me.  I am currently looking a teaching opportunity.  There are still some "missing links" though in seeing this become reality.  I would absolutely love to do this, but I want to make sure this is what the Lord wants me doing, and not just me fulfilling my own selfish desires.  Also pray that the Lord fill in those missing links if He has this teaching job for me.

Enough of my blabbing...I am eager to see what the Lord has in store for this week.  Please email me with how I may be praying for you (I don't just say this out of habit, it would be a joy to pray for you).  So drop me a quick note.

Recent quote I have been chewing on...Have you PRAYED about it as much as you have TALKED about it?

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