Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week #5

I didn't forget this time!  This has been a weekend of lists, but I have gotten a ton done!  Week #5 was a full week with two two-hour delays.

I enjoyed adding Language to my teaching this week!  I was nervous as ever about filling up the time, but I ended up with the opposite problem...I wished I had more time.  We were able to play lots of games, and I was so impressed with the students in how they used technical terms...this is the prefix found before the root word.  They are in first grade!  They make me a proud teacher (Genna taught them this, not me).

All other activities continued to go well.  We finished Junie B. Jones and are now reading Flat Stanley.  They enjoy this book, but not as much as Junie.  I continue to enjoy teaching Bible and Reading.

I take on full control next week.  This adds 2-3 additional classes worth of lesson plans.  That has been my biggest struggle in student teaching...keeping up with the paperwork.  Please pray that I be able to get those lesson plans written this week.  Another struggle of mine is teaching music.  I need to get some of these done, and my human nature wants to put them off.  Please pray also that I be able to get done all of the miscellaneous requirements.  I am just about halfway through my time of student teaching, it hardly seems possible.

I thank you for reading this post, but this tired teacher must get some shut eye.  The morning comes early!  Goodnight folks!

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