Thursday, March 28, 2013

Week #9

I am officially on spring break, and done with full control.  Where the time is going, I do not know.  This week was easy in the sense that I only went to school two days, and those days weren't even full instruction days.

We had a snow day on Monday and Tuesday.  I was able to get a lot of wedding planning done, as well as study for my PRAXIS...what an unexpected blessing this was.

We had a delay on Wednesday, but still went to school.  I felt very refreshed and happy to be with the students.  It was a wonderful feeling.  I felt more patient and energetic.  I had not really noticed how worn out I had gotten, but the two snow days took care of that no sweat.

Due to the snow days and delay yesterday, waking up this morning at the regular time was a bit difficult, to say the least.  I had been spoiled into a more relaxed lifestyle...shame on me, haha.  Today was far from normal, but that far from normal was fabulous!  We just finished the story of Moses and so as a special treat, I allowed my students to watch Disney's The Prince of Egypt.  The students then went to library for their Thursday special.  When they got back, we reviewed manners used when a guest speaker is present.  We reviewed these manners because we had a very special visitor coming in.  Last semester, my class (obviously, my not being involved) write letters to their classmate's uncle who was a soldier over in Afghanistan.  He is back stateside and wanted to express his appreciation of their notes by giving them a flag that flew at his base while he was over there.  What a valuable experience this was for the students.  The local newspaper got word of our special visitor and asked to come over too.  Our class should be featured in the local newspaper tomorrow.  This too was a valuable experience for my students as we have been talking about the symbols of America, the flag being one of them.  What a special time this was.  Our day wrapped up with an Easter party!

My plan is to get some rest tonight as it is my first night of spring break.  I will head down to Charlotte tonight to meet my mister as he gets off work and then spend the evening with him and his parents.  I will fly home first thing Saturday morning before Daniel goes to work.  I will not be able to be home for long, but mainly to get some things decided for the wedding, and spend Easter with my precious family.  I fly back to Charlotte Tuesday evening and come back here Thursday.  I hope and plan to rest and work on school work my last few days of break.  I love my living arrangements this year as I will be able to rest and "be home" without having a long drive the day before classes resume.

Only three weeks left of student teaching once I get back from break.  From now on, I begin giving the classes back to my host teacher.  I am three quarters of the way through student teaching...yikes!

That's all for now folks...check back next week to read about the adventures of a teacher on break!

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