Monday, March 25, 2013

Week #8

This was a wonderful week!  I am getting in the swing of things and loving the flexibility of being full control.  Last week's post expressed my hardships, but I would like to now share the other side of things...I have been thinking long and hard about how to solve what I see as problems (students failing tests).

After much time spent evaluating, I think I have discovered one of the problems, and it is me.  A lot of my review and teaching time has been passive.  The students could easily tune me out and not be involved.  When I call on them, they answer the question, and then tune back out.  So...I have planned ten practice problems, but they are only reaping the benefits of one practice problem.

Trying to mend this problem, I have worked to revamp my time teaching and reviewing to involve all students at all times.  On the spelling test this week...I saw the rewards!  It was so exciting.  I am eager to see how it worked in math and phonics.

We have finished our study on Moses, and will conclude it by watching The Prince of Egypt this week.  I am excited to hear my students response when I tell them about this!

On Friday, the majority of our classes were review, via stations.  The students love stations because it involves several games, done in short periods of times.  I believe my students favorite game is a matching game with homonyms (language).  I find great joy in watching my students have fun learning.

On the wedding side of things...planning is progressing quite nicely.  Kari went with me on Tuesday to get my dress altered.  I was thankful for her company, and the two of us had such fun making an evening of it!  We enjoyed dinner with a mutual friend (who is another student teacher) and sharing stories.  We then giggled almost the entire way back.  I think we both needed that time.  I am very thankful for her friendship!

Today, I am snuggled up on the couch watching the snow fall and You've Got Mail...Happy Snow Day!  I am enjoying my day immensely  though I find myself missing my students.  I had this week meticulously planned full of fun activities, and some of those will have to go now.  Easter break begins Friday, and I plan to go to Vermont on Saturday after spending the evening with Daniel and my future in-laws.

It is Week #9 and my last week with full control.  After break, I will give Bible and Reading back to Genna, then Language and Math in Week #11.  Week #12 is my last week of student teaching and I give Phonics, Spelling, and History back.  I can hardly believe this phase of my life is quickly approaching an end.

Please be praying for me as I study for my PRAXIS (equivalent to the boards for a lawyer, or doctor/nurse), work on my e-portfolio, and travel this upcoming week.  I appreciate your prayers, and hope you stay warm as winter closes out with a bang!

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