Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jesu Reme Ou

As many of you know, I went to Haiti in the summer of 2008. Because of this trip, God has placed a burden within for the people of Haiti. Here are some specific prayer requests related to their recent disaster: 7.0 earthquake on January 12, 2010:

  • Praise the Lord for every survivor
  • Praise the Lord for every soul that has been brought to Him through this tragedy
  • Praise the Lord for the generous outpouring of global support, especially from Christians
  • Pray first of all that souls would be reached with the Gospel before it is too late
  • Pray that Christians would continue to show God's love and to be a witness and a testimony for Him
  • Pray for the distribution of supplies and personnel. Many of Port-au-Prince's roads remain impassable, its ports unusable, and its airport limited and overcrowded.
  • Pray for creative solutions as rescuers seek to respond to the earthquake and clear debris without many of the tools and equipment typically utilized in earthquake response
  • Pray that God would be preserving the psychological health of those who have witnessed horrific scenes f death and destruction
  • Pray for those who are grieving
  • Pray for strong coordination on the ground, as many government officials and others responsible for crisis response have themselves been injured or killed in the earthquake
  • Pray for safety at the border crossing from the Dominican Republic into Haiti. Without functioning ports these crossings are sure to be busier than usual, and the threat of violence looms as many will be crossing in the country with valuable relief supplies.
  • Pray that aftershocks would completely cease. With each aftershock panic and fear seem to rise among the people of Part-au-Prince.
  • Pray for health for the survivors. Many have open wounds and broken bones and all are susceptible to growing concerns regarding diseases like cholera and tuberculosis that thrive where corpses are prevalent. The bodies also threaten to contaminate the water supply.
  • Pray for safety as the people of Part-au-Prince continue to sleep on the streets, either because their homes were destroyed or because they are afraid to sleep indoors.
  • Pray for continued improvements in communication. Many have still been unable to contact family members.
  • Pray for northern Haiti, where continuous rains have led to significant flooding
  • Pray for citizens across the country who are panicking about how they will be affected by this crisis. Many areas of the country are dependent on imports that come into Port-au-Prince and are typically channeled through the country. Without access to these imports, many areas of the country will begin to experience significant food and supply shortages. The banking system has been closed in Haiti.

These were the children at the orphanage I stayed at.

These children were from the Poor House.

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