Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thus far...

I have been in classes for one entire week now and for the most part, am enjoying my classes. Ecclesiology is going to be kind of dry and take more effort on my part to make it interesting. Gospels and Acts will be a great class, but requires a lot of reading. English will probably be my biggest struggle academically. What can I say? English is not my forte. In Personal Evangelism and Discipleship, we are reading this great book called How to Give Away Your Faith by Paul E. Little. I have only read one chapter so far, but am already loving it. This class will be very practical and applicable, therefore I am scared, and nervous, yet very excited. Intro to Sign Language is so much fun! I have learned my alphabet (actually, refreshed), my colors, with a few odd words added in there, such as pig, cat, baseball, milk etc. It is going to be a challenging semester, but a very good one!

Please remember to be praying for the people of Haiti.

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