Monday, March 15, 2010

Miss Hewitt

There is a reason colleges plan breaks for when they do--they know we need one! I am at the end of my first ever spring break. I rode home with a lady who goes to my church in WV, and stopped overnight at Aunt Dar and Uncle Reg's in NJ. My parents and Sarah met me there, and we had a wonderful stay with these dear friends. We got home Saturday evening and I was able to go to Ira for church on Sunday. It was so good to be back where I grew up and spend some time catching up with old friends at church. I helped mom with Sunday School which was a lot of fun as well. As always, Sunday was a lot of fun, between church and then a tasty lunch around the table with my family.
A requirement to graduate is a class called Classroom Field Study 1. This class is strictly an observation class, and it is done for five consecutive days (all day), in a Christian School. I took advantage of being home, and observed at RACS (the Christian school Sarah currently goes to, and I used to go to). I observed in the 1st and 2nd grade (combined) classroom, and absolutely loved it. I worked with Mrs.McGee on Monday and Tuesday. I couldn't have asked for a better hostess. I learned so much from watching her, but she didn't stop my learning there. She would pull me aside before or after a lesson and explain to me why she was doing what had done/would do.
I had many responsibilities for this week, which was actually a good thing. Some of my classmates just had to sit in the back of the room and observe, which would be so boring and tiring (in an odd way). Instead, I was almost constantly interacting with these children and getting to do what I love to do- teach! Mrs.McGee allowed me to do a Bible lesson on Tuesday (I read a book about creation), and one on Thursday (I taught the story of Ruth), and this was such a joy. I also got to give the 1st graders a spelling test on Friday, what a chatty group they were (they haven't gotten the concept quite yet on how you don't talk when you are taking a test).
Also on Friday, I got to work one-on-one with a girl who had missed a day due to being sick. I got to face the challenge of teaching her this new material in a way she would understand. Praise the Lord, I think she understood the material she had missed by the time she walked away from the table. On Monday, Mrs. McGee told me that I could do a bulletin board, and by Friday I had done it (see picture below). It was especially fun because I got to use Mrs. Lind's Cricut machine. Another one of my responsibilities was monitoring the 3rd-6th grade recess. I feared I wouldn't have the respect of these kids, because well, some of them are literally bigger then I am. But again, I watched God put that fear to ease, and I couldn't have asked more respect, honestly. It was especially cute, because most of those kids know me, and they know me as Becky, but at RACS, they had to call me Miss Hewitt. Many of them would say, "Hey Becky, I am sorry, I mean Miss Hewitt."

There really are so many stories I could share, but I think I would max out the characters they allow for one blog, haha. Needless to say, I had a fantastic time, and though it was not very restful, it was an awesome experience.
The end of my break, I was in VA. Saturday morning, I slowly got up and finished packing. Dad and Scott took me to the airport, and I flew to WV with only about a 15 minute delay on my flight out of Baltimore. The Millers met me at the airport, and well...Daniel's flight had a much longer delay. So Mr. and Mrs. Miller and I enjoyed just shy of 6 hours of visiting. Daniel arrived safely at about 1:45 am (before the time change). We were all glad to see him. I enjoyed my time at Miller's, and yesterday Daniel brought me back to school. I was able to enjoy a nice breakfast with him this morning, and then he headed back. He has arrived back at his home again, safely (now to get some good sleep!).

This may not have been the most restful break, but I so enjoyed my time with my family, the students, and Daniel and his parents.

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