Monday, March 1, 2010

Notes from the 1st-4th Graders

Thought you all may be interested in some of the adorable notes my mom's Sunday school class sent me. I was laughing so hard with some of them. I laugh, but in all actuality, they are just so sweet, and I doubt the kids will ever understand just how much these notes mean to me, until they are in college and get care packages from my mom's Sunday school class (yes, she will probably still be teaching it then). I made sure to keep their spelling the same, and I have omitted their names, just so that it doesn't come across that I am making fun of them.

"Hi Becky, where are you going to college I like to draw. My favorite part in school is PE. What is your favority thing _________?" I love how they ask me questions, and leave a blank for me to fill in.

"Dear Becky! How are you doing I am doing fine. What is your favorite subject! I love you Becky! What are you doing! By!" Complete with a picture of me and this little girl.

"Dear Becky I am glad to write to you Becky. This year I wish you cood cum to my home we have a puppy if you wood like to no the name is bicky I wish she wood not bite miy brather in the bute."

"Dear Becky How are you. I would want to meet you. were do you live. what is your phone number. do you want to be firend's...I want to know evry thing about you...where do you live? I realy want to be your friend, do you, you can tell I have a lot gowing on can't you? your mom is my teache isint her...I want to know every thing about you doun't you."

"My mom is pregnant." Complete with a picture of me in a castle with long hair and a boy at the bottom saying "have down!"

Children are just so much fun, and are the cause of the some of my biggest smiles. These are definitely going up on my wall. Thanks Mom for putting the time and the effort into doing this, it truly is a huge encouragement. (haha, I am not even going to try spell checking this blog)

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