Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Mom's a Great Mom!

I thought it took lots of pictures while observing, and technically I had, but my camera had been acting up, and not all of the pictures I took, made it to my laptop. I thought what I had would suffice, but when I got back and started working on it again, I realized I needed some more pictures. I emailed Mom, knowing she would be at school on Wednesday for piano lessons, and asked for her to take some pictures of some specific things while she was in. I didn't hear back from her, so was a little worried she hadn't gotten my email. I also wasn't sure if it would just be an inconvenience, so I didn't say anything. Last night though, I got eight emails from my mom, containing the pictures I had asked for, plus more! Let me share some more of them!

The students are working on a Polar section. Here are some of the bulletin boards that correlated with this topic.

[pictures removed for space]

This is a reading igloo made out of gallon milk jugs. While I was there last week, it was not finished, so it is exciting to see it completed.

This is the lovely 1st and 2nd Grade who I grew to love in just one week. They are a great bunch of students. Mrs. McGee is an awesome teacher, and the kids love her. Mrs. Merrill constantly works so hard to have things ready ahead of time, and serves as a great aid.
Thanks Mom, for all of these great pictures!

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