Friday, March 26, 2010

yay for good news

Check out ABC's new website:

Some other super duper exciting news is that I will be getting a double major! My first major with be in Bible and Theology, and my second major will be on (obviously) Elementary Education! Before, I would have been getting my major in Bible and Theology and my minor in Elementary Education, even though I was doing the same requirements any other school requires for a major in Elementary Education. So selfishly, it is nice to receive the credit for the hard work I am putting in. Also, it will look better on my reseme that I have a major in el ed, instead of just a minor (though I would have, and still will be certified, so that is ultimately what matters). But anyways, I am super excited about this new thing ABC is doing and I just can't contain it! You can read more about this exciting addition here.

Don't forget to check out the new website, and especially the Virtual Tour. You can see where I go to school- hooray!

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