Tuesday, May 11, 2010

end of my freshman year

Just to give a quick update that I survived my first year of college--all praise to God! My family made it to WV safely and I was excited to be able to bring them to church with me. Early (meaning 6am) Thursday morning, the five of us got in the van with all of my college stuff I was bringing home and headed to TX. We got to Tim and Beth's apartment at about 9:15 central. We had a lovely weekend with both our family and Beth's immediate family! It was a great time of fellowship and a nice time celebrating Tim and Beth's college graduation. I successfully got sunburned in the time waiting for Tim and Beth after graduation and then for pictures. Daniel and I headed out Sunday after Mother's Day lunch caravaning with his parents. We had a safe trip back here to VA and are now enjoying some of our spring break. Daniel heads to Papua New Guinea the end of this month (for two months), so I have tagged along with him and his mom as they have been working on finishing up paperwork for that mission's trip. I will be coming home at some time on Friday, but am enjoying my summer break thus far. Thank you all for your prayers for the completion of my first year of college.

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