Friday, May 21, 2010

Sophia Joy

Being home, I find myself just doing odd things around the house, which are a blast, but I wanted to feel like I was helping someone and being productive. Training for CEF doesn't start until June 19th, so I have a little bit. I mentioned to Mrs. May that if she ever needed me to watch Sophia, I would be happy to do it. She smiled big and said "What are you doing Thursday?" I said, "Watching Sophia" She came over at 8, and I got to keep her until about 3:30, boy did we have fun!

This picture just captures a small portion of just how much Sophia loves her Aunt Debbie. Mom loves her too, and when you get those two together, all you hear is lots and lots of giggling.

I taught Sophia how to take a picture, and one of the pictures she took turned out.

Sophia is a snuggle bug, and I don't complain. I need to keep a journal of the things she says to me. At one point in the day she was hugging me and said "Becky, I just love you so much. I miss you when you are at school" Let's just say she knows how to make her Becky smile.

I was kneeling down on the floor looking at the pictures when she said, "You stay there. You are the dog and I can be the kitty!" as she kneeled down next to me posing for a picture. I love the imagination.

After I painted her finger nails and toe nails, she drew a picture to put in Uncle Dwight's lunch box and I wrote a note that she 'embellished'. Her drawing was very colorful, but I couldn't make out the obvious scribble, so I asked "Sophia, what is this a picture of?" to which she responded "shapes", haha.

I had told her I would make cookies with her, and she had promised Sarah and Uncle Dwight that she would save them some. We had fun. I was measuring things out and it called for three cups of flour. She informed me that she needed to do that since she is three years old. I caught her licking her fingers when I quickly rushed her to the sink to wash her hands and explained how she needed to keep her fingers out of her mouth, and at the end, she could lick the spatula. As I was cleaning off the excess cookie dough, she informed me "that's good, you can leave the rest on there" while there were still large clumps of cookie dough, little stinker.

The finished product(s):
Beautiful finger nails and toe nails
A colorful note to Uncle Dwight/Dad
Some very delicious oat meal chocolate chip cookies
Lots of laughs
Lots of fun

We had a spectacular day together, and I even got to play with her for a few hours this morning. She is a smart little girl, and lots of fun to spend time with.

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