Saturday, May 29, 2010

this past week

This week has been a great week at home, and I have been so very busy. One thing I have especially enjoyed since being home is cooking. I don't think mom has cooked at all since being home, and that is by my choice. I am loving the life of being home, cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry.

Sunday started out early as I got up to get lunch (which was a chicken casserole) ready on the ready bake setting (or whatever it is called). I then got to teach my mom's Sunday School class (she was at a lady's conference). Those kids were so attentive, and I loved being able to teach. Mom forgot to warn me that this week the triplet sisters and their brother would be there. It ended up not being a problem at all, and they were all so respectful and well behaved. After lunch, I got a glorious nap and then came downstairs to find mom home, and giving Scott a beard and hair cut. He looks quite handsome, if I may so myself. I had nursery that evening where I had three children on my lap at once. If you know me though, you know I didn't mind that at all.

Monday morning started with cleaning Scott's house. He had asked me on Sunday afternoon, and I had agreed to do so. Let's just say it was one of those cleaning situations that at the end, you really felt like you had accomplished something. We were going to bake some cinnamon rolls so the house would smell nice for the showing later that afternoon. Much to my dismay, last time Scott had used the oven, his creation had bubbled over and burnt. Not sure how nice it smelled at the end. I got home in time to get ready and head over to the doctor's office for a doctor's appointment. I had my blood taken, but was fine with doing that. I came home in time to make some dinner of enchiladas and apple dumplings for dinner.
Tuesday, I was awaken by a call from Austin reminding me that it was Play Group. Mrs. May had invited me to go to Play Group with her and Sophia to learn a fun teaching style. I went and had a lot of fun, while learning too. Miss Jan was teaching the kids about grain and then ground up some smoked buckwheat and helped them make pancakes- what fun (and so tasty!) That afternoon, I was able to enjoy some time at home with Mom.

Wednesday morning I got up early and went to work with Dad. Again, not an ideal dream job of mine, but the time with Dad was so nice. It was 97 degrees that day, and made it hot outside, but I managed to walk away without getting sunburned. I was in charge of measuring, cutting, and bringing the blue foam insulation over to Dad and dropping it in the hole, so he could glue it on the outside of the foundation. We all went to church that evening and enjoyed our devotional outside at the picnic table. When we got home, Mom, Sarah and I were watching TV when we got a tornado warning, and soon after the electricity went out. It was an adventure to get the dog inside, and then light candles in the pitch black. Everything was fine, and we didn't suffer any damage.
Thursday involved babysitting Sophia, which as you know, I love. That girl is so precious and is all hugs and smiles. My favorite quote from her that morning was "Will you give me a french fry braid, Becky?" Oh the things, little one's ears hear. After watching her, Mom and I went in to RACS for the Memorial Day Service. We snuck out early with Sarah to the DMV. We now have another driver in the house- yikes! She did very well on her test though, and got a 100%.
Yesterday I got a surprise visit from Sophia again. Mom made her a T-shirt dress (mom used to make them for Sarah and I when we were younger and we just about wore them every day because we loved them so much) which she even helped with a little bit. We then enjoyed lunch, made cards, and headed into town to bring Hershey to the vet. Not like any of you care, but she lost 14 pounds since her last visit (because she needed to) and is now her ideal weight. Ice cream cones were 49 cents yesterday, so mom splurged and got us all one. Do you know what it is like trying to eat your ice cream cone, and keep an eye on a 3 year olds, when it is hot out and melting fast? We then picked Sarah up at school and headed home. Grandpa had given mom some wood for her birthday, so Sarah and I went out and helped him stack it. After that, I came in and made homemade pizza- delicious. I enjoyed allowing my creative juices to flow as I spent time with Mom making cards.
This morning has been a leisurely morning as I have eaten breakfast and just mozied around. I remind you, and ask you though to be remembering Daniel as he heads to Papua New Guineatomorrow. He will be gone for two months doing an internship being an airplane mechanic. You can read his blog about this trip here. I hope you all have a blessed weekend.

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