Saturday, May 1, 2010

work day

Work day went very well, and we couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather. It was sunny, and very warm, though there was a refreshing breeze. I was inside most of the time though. I helped a group clean Beukema (a classroom building) where we cleaned the underside of all of the desks (yes, I was the winner with the two desks that had gum on the bottom), and cleaned the seats and tops as well. We then would move all of the desks in order to vacuum the entire carpet. This takes a science, because there are a ton of desks in a not-so-very-big classroom, so the desks have to be moved several times. While I was on the vacuuming crew, two students washed all of the windows inside and out, and then I helped another girl put the screens back in. At times, Ms. Parvin (the overseeing staff member, and leader of both the puppet and drama team) would take students out to organize a part of the storage closet that had all of the costumes and puppets. Katie and I had the privilege of crawling around on our hands and knees to wash the baseboards of the entire building. My knees were sore yesterday, but my knees feel as good as normal today (as well as the rest of my body- yay, I am not old!). I also cleaned the entire girl's bathroom, which wasn't bad at all (I am weird, I don't mind cleaning bathrooms that much), besides the intense fumes which forced me to stand outside for a few seconds on a few occasions. The entire ABC family did a fantastic job, and campus is looking awesome! If you would like to see some pictures from the day, try checking out ABC's facebook.

The all school picnic was a lot of fun. We obviously ate food, which was actually really good, and the fellowship kept me laughing. One of the people sitting with us, has his dog trained so that you can say "Bang!" and it falls on its back as if it had just died. I wish I could teach Hershey to do that. We then watched the Alpine Ragada, which is where a group of students make a 'boat' and have to 'paddle' out to the middle of the pond, around the inner tube, and back. A group of guys won for speed, and the Maintenance Crew won for design. It was a lot of fun to watch as groups' boats sank, and just a good clean (besides the fact that the pond is disgusting) time of fun.

Today is a busy day, including: studying for exams, trying to finish up this CEF application, reading through Acts, packing, cleaning, and laundry. I basically have to be packed up by Monday evening for my preliminary room check, and will have my final room check as I check-out Wednesday night. The end of the year is in view! Happy May by the way!

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