Friday, April 30, 2010

study day

Here is a photo journal of what I did on study day. Enjoy!
My morning started off with some yummy banana bread that my mom sent me.One of the lovely things about Study Day is that I didn't have to make my bed. Instead I stayed in bed and just worked on... CEF application which is taking way longer then I had anticipated.
The surprise/praise of that day is that I got a printer. The senior girls were have a senior sale and I got this printer for a very good price.
I have been saving these Doritos for a very special day.
For Gospels and Acts I have to have read through Acts in the Ryrie's Study Bible by Monday, so I got a good chunk of reading done.
At about 4:20, I got a phone call from Hannah saying "You have dinner plans, and don't worry about anything, Meg and I have it all taken care of. Be ready at 5:30." We didn't quite get out at 5:30, but they had prepared a picnic and got a bunch of us together to go to Grandview. The menu included:
-turkey and provolone cheese sandwiches
-nacho cheese bugles and salt and vinegar chips
-chocolate covered strawberries
-girl cupcakes and boy cupcakes
-delicious Welch's Mixed Berry Punch
I will not deny that West Virginia is absolutely gorgeous!
There were seven of us that went. These are the four of us girls: Me, Manda, Meg, and Hannah.
When I got back, I still had to take care of my dishes.
The day didn't end there, but my camera batteries died, so alas, no more pictures! At 10:30 we had our SPS (Secret Prayer Sister) Reveal! My SPS was Alicia, and she was awesome. She got me a ton of York Peppermint Patties (yum!), a candle warmer, and three small candles. What I most appreciate from her though is her prayers. Anyways, that pretty much sums up my day!

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