Thursday, April 8, 2010

Coal Mine Explosion

This past Monday, April 5th, there was a coal mine explosion about 20 miles from here. 25 have been pronounced dead, but there are still 4 that are missing. You can read the current news from this morning concerning this explosion and the search efforts. Please be in prayer for the families of all those involved, as well as the families that are still holding out hope. Hope is dimming, but they should know by today the final results. Also please pray for the ABC students and faculty who have gone to Moncoal, WV to minister to the families and help with counseling. This is affecting many all over the state, including here on campus. They need us to come along side of them to encourage them and to pray for them. Please join me, and several others, in lifting these families and ABC students and faculty up in prayers.

Keep checking out the comments on this, as I will update as I can.


  1. ABC's facebook status posted at about 4:45pm today: As the situation at the Upper Big Branch mine developes our team of staff and students have been on-site since 9am this morning. Thank you for your prayers. Below you'll find an updated article on

  2. I just got back from a meeting with some people who have been on the site working with the families. My heart aches listening to my fellow students talk of these families they have grown close to. To watch them cry talking about these miners they have grown to love and to know as family. John (ABC's student body president) has been going down every day and explained to the few of us who were there what is going on down there and what is actually happening. He said, "probably about 20% of what the news is saying, is complete truth." Please be praying for the families of the victims, the rescue workers, the Red Cross workers, and our ABC team that has faithfully been making the 45 minute travel daily. Another prayer request is that supposedly Fred Phelps from Westboro Baptist is coming to WV tomorrow to start a riot. Please pray that this not happen, because it will not go over well with these people. The families have slept very little, if any at all, since Monday and in this time of heart ache, they are stressed, overtired, and emotional. All those involved need our support and prayers. Please don't leave it to someone else. I hadn't taken it seriously until tonight when I heard more about it from those who have been there. Please join us in fervently praying. Lord willing, the families of those still missing will receive closure tomorrow, but that too will bring more emotions. People of our country and my current state need our prayers.

  3. the ABC website ( does have two articles now up of the incident if you would like to read those.

  4. Please be in prayer for those from ABC as they have been doing grief counseling with the families. Their names are as follows:
    -Dean Childs
    -Matt White
    -Lynette Mix
    -Stacie McCary
    -John Miller
    -Mike Cross
    -Alicia Oldenettel
    -Ron Kline
    -Corinne Kline
    -Dr. Knoblet

    The school is bringing four more students down today to help the Red Cross out with meals and other things. I am not certain on who those four are. Please continue to be praying for them all. A lot of them will receive closure today, but that is still hard.

  5. I just wanted to give you the update that Westboro Baptist is here in WV, but the WVers have been putting up a healthy fight. As far as I know, they are 'keeping' them distracted in Charleston, while trying to not fulfill their (WBC) desire--to get people mad at them violently so that they (WBC) can sue them (apparently that is where they get their money to do all the traveling to start these riots). The people in Charleston are doing everything they can to keep them there, and to keep them from getting anywhere near the families. Please continue to be praying for everyone involved with this situation. Pray that these Westboro Baptist people will miraculously come to Christ through this situation and convicted that what they are doing is wrong.

  6. I encourage you to read about some of the men who have been pronounced dead at It helps you have more appreciation for these people and their families.

    Also, I have heard rumors that there will be a press conference tonight at 8:30.

  7. Here is an update I just received from a dear friend at church down here who was watching the press conference: "Rescue teams are in the mine and no smoke so far. Around midnight we may know about the 4 missing miners... hopefully before. There are 4 teams of rescuers. 2 teams will look for the chamber and/or look for the missing miners. After that the bodies will be removed. It sounds like they will have some type of staging area."

  8. It was confirmed last night (or the wee hours of the morning) that there are no survivors. the fact that they now know this is a praise, because it gives the loved ones closure. Please be in prayer for all those involved as they start to plan funerals and cope with this life change.