Wednesday, April 28, 2010

end of the semester

Well, today was my last day of classes, and that is definitely a praise! I got all of my assignments, papers, and projects done and handed in, and the ones I am getting back, I am pleased with the thoughts of my instructors. The only thing I have left is to study for exams, and to read through the book of Acts in Ryrie's Study Bible. Hooray for the end of the semester, and my freshman year.

Tonight is my last Wednesday night with my kiddos at DBC. I will be doing a review of the fruit of the Spirit, which is the study we have been doing this semester. I have grown to love these children (though they can be very challenging) and will really miss them this summer. But as of right now, I plan on going back to DBC next year, so I will get to see them again soon.

Tomorrow is study day where we We can sleep in and the faculty serves us breakfast to our door. We have one every semester, and I loved it last semester. It is a very productive day, and I am looking forward to what I can get done tomorrow.

Friday is work day, which is when everyone from ABC (full-time and part-time students, faculty, staff, families, etc.) help clean up around campus. I will be cleaning the inside of Beukema (a classroom building), but some of the other tasks include: cleaning the buses and vans, trimming bushes, sweeping sidewalks and roads, cleaning the dining room chairs, washing windows, and still so many more. We will be cleaning from about 8:30 until 3:00. Friday evening we have an all campus picnic where there will be 'boat' races across the pond!

I am also working on my CEF application, which has been long and extensive, but I am excited to be involved in that ministry this summer.

The countdown!
7 days until I see: Dad, Mom, Scott, and Sarah
8 days until I see: Daniel, Tim, and Beth
21 days until I am home in Vermont!

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