Saturday, June 5, 2010

busy day

I woke up this morning in time to be able to talk to Daniel. Wasn't bad, I woke up at 8, and it was 10pm his time. So I got to talk to him for a little bit, then went upstairs to prepare dinner. I made pancakes...yummy! I then talked with Beek and we found arrangements to getting to the hair salon this morning for our 10:30 appointment. I quickly got ready and drove Tim and Beth's car to Price Chopper. I met up with Beek and we headed to Turning Heads to get our hair cut.

Beek and I decided over a year ago that we were going to grow our hair out for Locks of Love. She was wanting to do something different with her hair so I said she should do something different by growing it out, and I would have to do something different by having it cut short. Well, about this time last year, I got my hair trimmed a little shorter then anticipated, so our plans were set back a bit. Beek was getting sick of her long hair and we needed to get it cut. The appointment was set for today, and Abby (a mutual friend, and Beek's roommate) decided to join us. Our experience was awesome! Our hairdresser, Tammy, was loads of fun and was so knowledgeable. She did a great job with the three of us. Both Beek and I got ten inches off, and Abby lost roughly seven inches.

After we received our new cuts, we headed to Mr. Twitters to show Beek the new cut. She didn't even recognize us at first. We then headed over to the lake for the RACS' alumni picnic. It was good to see Caroline and hear about her first year of college, and her summer plans. We only stayed for about two hours, and then I rode back to Ira with my family. We went to Andrew and David's graduation party. When we got home, I worked on dinner, the family enjoyed it, and am now about ready to crash.

I get to teach Mom's Sunday School class, and tomorrow is my first official Sunday as the kiddos teacher- so excited. If you get this in time, please be praying for me, and ask how it went, I would love to tell you.

Have a blessed Sunday (tomorrow) worshiping the Savior.

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