Wednesday, June 30, 2010

strawberry picking

This week has been nice, as it is my week off between training and clubs. I am thoroughly enjoying it, even though it has been busier then anticipated. Today was special though, because the three of us females, plus Grandpa decided to go strawberry picking. The lady was not kidding, when she said it was the tale end of picking. Picking started June 10th, and this would usually be at the peak, but due to weather, the strawberries are just about all gone. She also warned us that we would really have to work for what we got, and she was not kidding. We worked for a while, and ended up with around 15 pounds (give or take a few). They were small, but they are still delicious, and maybe even tonight we will get to enjoy strawberry shortcake. It is just the simple traditions, and the rewards (fresh strawberries) that make for a fun morning with family!

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