Monday, October 4, 2010

So thankful for encouragement

I am constantly amazed with how the Lord uses people in my life to encourage me at the very moment I need it. Three specific times I can think of right off....
  • At church yesterday, apparently I had a 'tired' look (we all know that means 'not good'), and a dear woman came over to me who I highly esteem a godly example, placed her hand on my back and asked me how my week really went. She was so encouraging as I shared the hardships, as well as the good times. She left the conversation with telling me she would pray harder for me this week and to remember that she loved me. She didn't know (though I may have looked) that I was having a hard day, but she allowed the Lord to use her to encourage me.
  • After the church service yesterday, my little man from church ran over and while batting his eyelashes said "Hi Miss Rebekah". He caused a big smile on my face as his mom asked if I had heard him earlier. I hadn't, so she explained that when Pastor got up at the end of church after the closing song, he had just realized I was sitting a little bit in front of him, and yelled "It's Rebekah!"
  • The third occasion was today. It has not been the easiest of all days, and I went to check my mail, not expecting anything when I got a letter with familiar handwriting (the best!). I quickly told my friends to hold on a second so I could open it up and show them. I had gotten a picture and note from Sophia back home with a note from her and her mom. What an encouragement that was. I called mom to talk to her about some other things when all of a sudden I hear Sophia pick up my mom's cell. Another encouragement it was just to hear her voice. When I asked if I could put her picture up on my wall, she informed me that I could do whatever I wanted to with it, haha.
I am so thankful to the Lord for the little things in life that are such an encouragement, and that pick me up when life gets busy and hectic. God is so good to me, and has blessed abundantly with wonderful people in my life. I have been reminded lately the power of prayer when I hear of how many people are praying for me. If you are one of those people who faithfully prays for me, I thank you so much. Your prayers are felt, and so very appreciated.

I hope you all have a great week, where the Lord teaches you something spectacular about Himself that you hadn't really ever noticed before!

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