Friday, October 8, 2010

a lovely day

I am only ten minutes into my shift and am already bored out of my mind. Homecoming weekend and not a soul in the lounge, wow. The fridge and freezer sure do sound noisy this afternoon (as well as my typing). I am thankful that it is Friday though! The weather here is absolutely spectacular. Right before I work I was able to take a walk down to the pond and enjoy a lovely conversation. The sun was so soothing and provided a wonderful atmosphere, even if I sadly did kill a woolly bear.

We had no classes today which was such a blessing. We had sessions this morning, one of which I worked nursery and got to hold the most precious baby girl, and this afternoon involves sports games. Tonight is the banquet for seniors and alumni, so the rest of us get to go to the other side of campus for dinner. I am already on page four of four pages for a paper due on Monday, which has me quite excited. I am hoping (hoping being the key word) for a slower weekend, but we shall see.

Wednesday night we had several VERY wound up children who had a hard time paying attention and listening to directions, but still it was a lot of fun. The Lord never ceases to amaze me with the excitement those children have for memorizing Scripture. I am so excited with what He is doing!

This week has been more of a struggle as I have been under the weather, but as you can read in earlier posts, the Lord has sent much encouragement to me through the little things in life. I am holding strongly onto Him for all my strength, and He is carrying me through this hard semester. One blessing I have seen through these struggles is that it has pushed me to my knees in prayer, and I love that. I know I will look back on this semester having learned a lot and been blessed, but in the heat of it, I often find myself tired and discouraged. Thank you all for helping lift my spirits through prayers, cards, and calls. Each are so very much appreciated. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and are able to rest a bit.

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