Friday, October 15, 2010

thankful for the weekend

What a week this has been. Today (or maybe yesterday, haha) someone was talking about something that had happened this week, and it happened like Wednesday, and I thought for sure it had happened weeks ago. This week wasn't too straining academically though, to which I am very thankful. God is good though, and is still on the throne. This week though was a VERY good mail week! I got a letter from Daniel, and Aunt Dar. A package from my mom, AND a paycheck. For a college student, it doesn't get much better then that.

The normal things continued to go well. Teaching on Wednesday went well, though I am convinced it was a full moon, whether the weather reports say otherwise or not. Classes went well. And as always, I love my time with the church people.

Amongst everything going on this week, I decided to try and figure out what was causing my laptop to beep internally. I ran a diagnostic and reported my error reports to the online Dell support. The first code wasn't too bad- apparently my AC Adapter (which through this experience I have learned what this is) needed replacing. That's okay, I can deal with that. The second code is what I had a much harder time with, "The 2nd error code you have provided would indicate that the hard drive will soon to fail" Great, now what? I thought. Of course he quickly asked for my information to send me the two new parts, and I really did appreciate that, but the installation is what I really dreaded. I grudgingly moped through the question of "how soon?" and idea that my dear laptop could die any moment. I had already gone this before and it was a headache. I got the hard drive and AC Adapter in the mail on Tuesday, and contacted the IT department here on campus asking for a price estimate. I can do the replacement, but I sure didn't want to. Long story short--IT did it for me, and I only had to pay $10, and they put everything from my old hard drive on to the new one. And the original problem of the beeping is no more!

God has been working in my life this week, and though it can be painful at times, I am thankful He loves me enough. The Bible clearly says in Hebrews 12:6a, "For whom the Lord loveth, He chasteneth" Thank you so very much to those of you who have been praying, and I ask you to continue to do so. It is the weekend, and for that I am so very thankful. Looking forward a restful Saturday tomorrow where I am able to relax and get lots of studying done. I pray you have a lovely weekend yourself, and always feel free to shoot me an email!

PS: I am SUPER excited because my friends Chris and Sara got engaged! I doubt they read my blog, but I am still excited, and want to congratulate them!

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