Monday, July 18, 2011

over half way...week 5 of camp!

I think I am feeling better today.  Thank you for your prayers.  My throat is feeling better today, but my body is still feeling very weak, and my nose is obnoxiously stuffed.  Continued prayers would be very much appreciated.

Last week was very different for me as I was working with Trailblazers (3-5th grade).  It was completely different, but not necessarily a bad different.  I did several activities with my girls, and we had a fun week.  Campout was also very different.  I learned in a new way this week how refreshing campout is.  One way it is refreshing is simply because it is a change of scenery and pace.  Another way is that you are not the only one in charge of your kids now.  At campout all of the counselors share the responsibility for all of the campers, which is so nice as a counselor, especially when you have a challenging group.  My Dad was reminding me the other day that campout was one of the things about camp I was dreading most, but instead I now love it.  One of the things I love about campout is the food.  For dinner we grill hamburgers over the open flame with all the toppings.  For a late night snack, Jim usually prepares venison for the staff to eat--marinated and grilled over the fire...delish!  For breakfast we make what we call supreme eggs, or breakfast goulash!  It has eggs, bacon, cheese, tomatoes, and potatoes.

God has been stretching me in other ways.  Those of you who know me well will get a better kick out of God's sense of humor as to what I have been doing to stretch me this summer so far:
-boy crazy girls in my cabin
-sports path
-paintball path
-camping outside no tent, no camper, just you, your sleeping bag, and the stars
-scooping ice cream
-whiny girls

On Saturday, Daniel, myself, and some other camp friends went to Rapid City, ND to go to Hill's Alive.  It was very hot, and very humid (which everyone told me I wouldn't experience in MT).  Hill's Alive is kind of like the equivalent of Soulfest over in the northeast.  The plus side of Hill's Alive is that it is FREE!  So for zero moneys, I got to see live...The Afters, Hawk Nelson, and Kutless.  It was fun to get off camp and be with friends, go to Wal-Mart, see civilization!

Now for some personal information.  For those of you who do not know, my Grandpa (paternal) is not doing well at all.  Last week he went comatose one night when his sugars dropped to the thirties.  I talked to my mom this morning and she was headed out to go to the hospital to meet up with the ambulance that brought my Grandpa in.  I have been so blessed to have all four grandparents living and within two miles of home.  All four grandparents love the Lord with their whole heart and are awesome romodels for me.  Please pray for my Grandpa, that he would not be in pain.  Please also pray for my Grandma (married to Grandpa for over 60 years), and the rest of the family as they work through this.  I do praise the Lord that my Grandpa knows the Lord, and when it is his time to go, we all know where he is going.  Such peace there is in that.  So I personally ask for your prayer for my family.

I hope you all have a blessed week.  I have a fun cabin of four girls.  I am still seeking where they are spiritually so I can best minister to them this week.  Remember to look to the Lord for your every need, and you can know I am lifting you up in prayer.  Grace and Peace to you.

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