Saturday, July 30, 2011

only two weeks left?

I can barely believe that there are only two more weeks left to camp.  I have mixed feelings about the end of camp.  This was a very challenging week where I was stretched in many different ways.  As my grandma put it "you are very out of shape now" from being stretched.  God is good all the time though and I survived to the weekend.

I had a camper in my cabin this week who was very tough and hard to connect with.  I worked very hard and she just continually tried to push me away.  I was very discouraged by the fact that I put so much energy and prayer into this camper only to have her pull away and become frustrated with me for caring.  On a more positive note...later that week I sat down with her to talk and she really opened up.  I learned a lot about her and what she has gone through.  Sweet sweet girl when you get to know her.  I was so encouraged!  The week let back down though when she gave me a very poor review as her counselor.  I tried so hard and only to have her dislike me and unwilling to let me care for her.  Pat asked me yesterday how I was doing, and I just had to reply "discouraged, very discouraged."  She was such an encouragement as she in a very grandmother way reminded me that God doesn't call us to be successful, but to be faithful.  I have grown to appreciate Pat more then she will ever know.  What a godly woman of God she is.

There were other challenges this week, that I still don't see the reason they existed, but I have chosen to trust the Lord that He has a reason for these trials He brings me through.

For rest this weekend I went for a long car ride.  We were just going to go to Spear Fish for some Wal-Mart necessities, but the camp needed paintballs for paintball camp this upcoming week.  We were asked to go to Rapid City instead (3 hours away) to pick up the paintballs.  We made it back to camp in 6.5 hours, in time to enjoy the homemade Chicago style Deep Dish Pizza.  This was the first time I had every had deep dish pizza and I definitely approve- Jim did an awesome job!  I am now headed to bed pretty soon so I can get a long night of much needed sleep.

This upcoming week I will stay in the same cabin, and will have a mixture of Explorers (6-8th grade) and Adventure Teens (9-12th grade), with a CIT (campers in training) helper.  I am praying the Lord gives me a little bit of a break to catch my breath.  If not though, I know He will provide the needed energy and wisdom. I hope you all have a blessed weekend.  Please pray for my mom and sister as they are in Ecuador for the next several days on a mission's trip!  Don't forget to smile at someone today :)

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