Saturday, July 2, 2011

end of week 2

I am so thankful for the wonderful girls I had in my cabin this week.  I had five high school girls (three sophomores, one junior, and one senior).  There were those challenges of moody, testy teenage girls, but more often then those challenges they brought laughter and a lot of fun.  The difference in maturity (due to age) from last week was a breath of fresh air.

One of my girls came in proclaiming that she was Catholic.  I spent a ton of time in prayer over this young lady as well as research over exactly what Catholics believe.  I tried understanding why she was a Catholic because her goal for the week was to learn more about Catholicism and what her role was as a Catholic.  At that point I understood it was a more religion she was wanting, and don't think there was much making her choose Catholicism over any other religion.  She clung on to Abby (another staff member) and was able to have many good deep conversations.  Abby was able to talk to her on several occasions about personal standards and was even able to talk to her about what Catholics believe and this young girl was just appalled because she knew she didn't believe that.  She made leaps and bounds of improvements this week and I am so thankful for the work the Lord did in her life through Abby.

Another night we were sitting in the evening meeting when it was time for a skit.  The skit is called the "Everything Skit".  There is a scene where the main character holds a gun to her head.  At the end of the skit, one of my girls came over to me asking if her and her friend could go back to the cabin because they had recently had a friend commit suicide by shooting himself in the head.  I ran back to the cabin with the girls, and they lost it.  I ache for them.  I have gone through the death of a close friend, but not through suicide.  I sat there with them for a while listening to them.  Afterwards, I was able to talk to Pat and she really helped me on how I could better help these two girls.  2 Corinthians 1 is a great passage to go to in hard times like this.

Last night I was asked to be in the staff versus campers basketball game.  The campers were in basketball camp all week and needed to have a game at the end of the week.  Before anyone thinks I have gained some mad basketball skills, let me explain.  There were some young campers, so they needed some very unskilled players so it was more evenly matched.  That is where I came in.  I played to help the younger campers feel much better about themselves.  I learned many new things about basketball which would make my sister proud of me.  I played several games after that, and played hard.  I feel rather old today, but I did it!  That counts for something doesn't it?

This weekend is a rest weekend!  I hope to get at least a three hour nap this afternoon before we head over to Rolando's for dinner.  I am looking forward to that because everyone usually says that is the highlight to their summer.  My laundry was all done this morning before the campers even left and my cabin was all clean!  I am staying in the same cabin next week, so I can just go back and relax!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and are able to relax some.

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