Thursday, June 30, 2011


I wanted to pass on about an awesome opportunity that I had last night while sitting by the campfire. During staff training, we as staff members, all share our detailed testimony so we can better know where each other are coming from. Last night my friend Jenny came over to me and asked if I would talk to one of her campers. I said "okay, sure, but why?" Jenny explained to me, "her best friend died in a car accident two weeks ago and was supposed to be here at camp this week with her". My heart sunk, as I clearly remembered how hard it was when we lost Chris. On the way over to talk to her I couldn't hold the tears back, just aching for her in knowing her pain. I sat down with her and was able to listen to her talk about her friend, and explain the death. At home, her parents get mad at her when she cries about this, and she is mad at herself for laughing in just the events of camp. I remember those thoughts and feelings so clearly. I had the privilege of reminding her how this situation can either draw her to the Lord, or draw her away, but that it was her choice. How wonderful to hear her say through tears that she would grow closer in her relationship with Christ through this rather then further. I praise the Lord that her best friend did know the Lord, and is with the Lord in eternity.  I also praise the Lord for allowing me to use a hardship in my life to encourage someone else in a similar hardship.  I just couldn't hold back posting this story immediately.  Praise the Lord who has every event in life planned out.

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