Saturday, June 18, 2011

staff training complete

Staff Training is officially over.  The next time I am "on" I will be a counselor of Explorer age (6-8th grade) girls. I have a beautiful cabin where I kind of get my own room off of the cabin room, which will be nice when I get up earlier then the girls for devotions.  Here are a few pictures of my cabin for this upcoming week...

I have been enjoying my time here, but have been drained completely of all energy. I have so much I want to write about, but so little energy to write it with.  God has been so good and already been growing me (one of which is the age group I will be working with.  I have told many people that I can deal with all ages except junior high.  What age group do I have this coming week? junior high!)  I don't know how to explain the group of people here.  I am not 'best friends' with anyone here yet, but the people here are so welcoming.  In any group I have come in to, yeah people may have been friendly, but I didn't necessarily feel like I belonged. There are groups of better friends, but they are still including of everyone.  I am so thankful for this wonderful group of people, and am adjusting to the rustic lifestyle of Montana.

Tuesday after I was involved with a game of paintball.  I can't say it was my favorite activity of all times, but I did it, and I even got a welt from the paintball that hit me!

Wednesday morning was a normal schedule and late afternoon, we left for the cliffs for an overnight camp out.  When we first got to the cliffs we had the option of going rappelling.  It was nothing I necessarily wanted to do, but wanted to be able to say I had done it.  I can now say that, and don't care to do it again anytime soon.  I think it was the nerves, but I felt sick for the rest of the evening.  We enjoyed hamburgers over the open fire and Jim provided us with marinated venison--it was delicious (which is still an understatement).  After some singing, and Jim sharing from Ezekiel we heard a storm coming in so the girls camped out in the bus.  A bit difficult for a short person, but I slept better then anticipated.  During the summer, Wednesdays will always be our camp out nights.  We will normally camp out under the stars, but due to the weather, the bus worked just as well.  Thursday morning we woke up bright and early (due to the sun rising at 4am) and I sat by the campfire for a while.  Gavin made some amazing supreme eggs including potatoes, tomatoes, onions, salt, pepper, and cheese.  It might have been the nastiest looking food I have ever eaten, but it was very tasty.  Daniel, Aron, and Cienna gave their testimonies, we played some campfire games and were back to camp for lunch.

Thursday afternoon we finished up some activity training and went for a horse ride.  It was good to be back on a horse, but I definitely have some learning to do.  I am quite sore from it due to not being relaxed.  Maybe when I become unsore, I can take some Saturday and do some more riding.

Friday was our last day of training and we all went on a 6 hour solo.  A solo here at camp is when everyone is required to be completely by themselves in solitude just to catch up and get ready for camp.  Most specifically, get ready spiritually.  I went to Medicine Rocks about 15-20 minutes from camp.  I found a beautiful spot up on a hill, set out a tarp, towel and had a blanket.  It was raining in the morning, and I was nervous about it raining for my solo, but thankfully the Lord knew and the skies were blue and cloudy.  I really needed this time alone and away from everyone (nothing against anyone), and am so thankful for that time.  Check out the pictures from where I was....

Friday night we came back to a huge feast that Jim (he's a good cook) had made for us.  We had all the makings for a burrito thing- wraps, steak or chicken and bacon, mushrooms, peppers, onions, cheese, tomatoes, olives (yum, Dad!), sour cream, guacamole, lettuce, etc.  We then had jalapeno poppers (jalapeno pepper stuffed with cream cheese and bacon wrapped around it), spring rolls, and still more.  We had an awesome dinner, and afterwards a wonderful time of fellowship talking about what the Lord had done in our lives during staff training.  And then as I mentioned earlier we shared in communion which was really powerful.

This morning, I was cleaning up piles of brush and junk.  I think my arm found some poison ivy, so I am curious to learn if I am allergic or not (good way to start off camp, right?).  It got a little tedious, but  you could really see the fruits of our labors, things looked really nice.  I was thankful for lunch, was trained in archery and then moved my stuff to my new cabin and started some laundry.

I am now working on some computer work.  I hope to finish up laundry, get some dinner, clean up, and then possibly head back out to Medicine Rocks.  I apologize for it being so long, and for many of you full of boring details.

Please be praying for me as this is the first week of camp with campers.  Please pray for their safety, and that the Lord be working in their lives even now.  I am anticipating a great week where the Lord does a mighty work both in and through me.  I am excited to see Him work in the campers' lives as well.  Please be in prayer.

I am going to close this blog out for your sake, and keep working on other computer work.  Take care and God Bless!

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