Friday, June 17, 2011

a few TER pics

Sorry, but there won't be much update in this email, I am just trying to get a few pictures posted in the few minutes before our next meeting.  If I am still awake later, I hope to give more of an update on how staff training went.  But until then, enjoy the pics!
 About to Billings, notice the snow covered mountains above the wing.

 This is from inside the cabin I am staying in during staff training.

Outside the cabin...this cabin has two 'cabins' and is up on the hill behind the dining hall. 

 This is the dining hall!

 During one of our free times, we gathered and just sang worship songs.

 From inside the dining hall and where we have been doing our staff training meetings.

Wednesday night the staff went on an overnight camp out at the cliff.  I went rappelling off the cliff and am still alive!  The view was gorgeous and the sunset was spectacular. 

The bus that brought us all up to the cliffs.

I hope this helped some of you picture where I am this summer.  I will try to keep taking and posting pictures.  I took a few today I may post at some point, but until then....enjoy!

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  1. Thanks honey for sharing. It is great to be able to see where you are. You went rapelling? I am impressed and proud of you. Love you