Saturday, June 4, 2011

Denver, Colorado

I have safely made it to Denver International Airport.  I said goodbye to Dad Thursday morning as he left for a mission's trip to Alaska.  Mom, Sarah, Aunt Dar, Mrs. Stevens and I all headed to Ocean City, NJ.  We enjoyed some time there (the water was SO cold), and then after an emotional and hard goodbye Aunt Dar and Mrs. Stevens brought me back to their place.  I had the privilege of staying with them and enjoying some relax time.  I got some good sleep, a bit of reading, lovely fellowship, and was spoiled rotten.  Yesterday we went to the Longwood Gardens.  I can't even put into words how beautiful it was, and how very much I enjoyed it.  There were some of the most beautiful flower gardens I have ever seen, perfectly trimmed bushes, and the biggest conservatory in I think, America (I could be wrong on that detail, but none-the-less, it was huge).  I got to see some of my favorite flowers and in several different varieties: orchids, gerber daisies, bonsai trees!  We had better weather then we could have asked for, and were all zonked at the end of four hours walking in the sun.

My alarm went off this morning at 4:15am and Aunt Dar brought me to the airport in Philly, PA.  After some small hassles, I made it to my gate and on to my plane.  I was in the very back row with no one else in my section so I put my feet up and enjoyed reading Tears in the Bug Juice: A Testimony of God's Faithfulness in the Founding of Teen Valley Ranch and Trail's End Ranch by Pat Anderson.  I don't think I was even halfway through when I started, but I finished the book, was able to nap, as well as look through SkyMall (there are some very odd things in that magazine).  The flight was smooth and uneventful.

Thank you all for your prayers.  I can't believe this adventure has actually started.  Please continue to pray for safety in travel as my flight to Billings, MT starts boarding in about forty minutes.  After I arrive in Billings, I will have a four hour vehicle ride to Ekalaka.  Praying I can be a testimony to those I am around.  I hope you all have an awesome weekend, and again, thank you for your prayers!

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