Monday, June 20, 2011

day 1 of week 1

I have a cabin of eight girls ranging from 7th-10th grade.  Most are 7th and 8th graders but I have the one adventure teen.  I am very tired after a night of only 5 hours of sleep, but I knew this would happen.  I went into this knowing I wouldn't get my needed sleep, but wanted to be forced to rely on the Lord's strength and not my own.  I am one of the leaders for the sports path (Sarah, stop laughing).  Path is kind of like a college major.  The campers each choose the path they want to be in and they spend 3 hours a day every day doing it.  So yes, I get to spend 3 hours a day leading sports for a group of 13 campers.  I am going to close this entry out for today, but just wanted to give all you praying a quick update on what is happening this week.  I covet your prayers.

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