Wednesday, June 1, 2011

away for the summer

As mentioned earlier on my blog, I will be spending my summer working at Trails End Ranch in Ekalaka, MT.  I am thrilled that the Lord has given me such an awesome responsibility.  I need your help though.  I ask that you pray for me regularly as the devil will be at work, knowing the Lord too is at work.  I am going as a counselor, but may have the opportunity to serve in other capacities as well.  The first two weeks will consist of staff training and grounds keeping.  

Prayer Dates:
Traveling to Airport- June 1
Flying to Montana- June 4
Training- June 5-19
Camp- June 19- August 14
Flying to Alabama- August 15

Part of the reason I am doing this is I want to be stretched.  This camp is far from home, and I have never worked at a camp for an entire summer.  I am one who needs my sleep and gets sick when I don't get it.  As you well know, camp counselors are not ones to get much sleep.  I want to be forced to rely on the Lord's strength and not my own.  Another thing I have never been good at is flexibility.  I am one to plan every detail out and I freak out when those plans get changed.  Again, flexibility is a key to camp work.  I cannot do this work my own, no way!  I ask that you partner with me in prayer as I have a summer to grow and change.  I pray I grow in Christ-likeness and am stretched in ways I didn't even imagine possible.

Communication and time will be very limited.  I will not have cell phone service on the camp property, and I expect to only have internet access over the weekends, if that.  I will not turn down a single email though, so please email me how I can be praying for you and what the Lord is doing with your summer.  You can email me at  You know how much snail mail means too, so feel free to drop me a note in the mail (see address above on the prayer card).  I can't promise quick replies, or even frequent blog updates, but I suggest you check back here on my blog for updates on how the Lord is changing me and stretching me.  Thank you in advance for your prayer support!  


  1. Hi Rebekah, I'm a person who needs my sleep too and I just wanted to encourage you because I counseled two years at Alpine and God just kept meeting my needs. No I did not feel energetic all the time, but I had the energy I needed when I needed it and I never got my cabin late for breakfast :) I know that God will provide the same for you - and I'll be praying for you :)

    Heather Wood

  2. Missing you already!!! Knowing and praying that God will use you to make a difference in each of your girls lives. So proud that you are MY daughter!!! MOM

  3. Good for you, lady! When I go out and look up at the stars I will think of you--the one thing I remember about Mt is the BIG SKY... and yes, I remember our book conversations--maybe someday one of you too! Blessing, Rebecca--you'll be great