Sunday, August 7, 2011

completion of week 7 and Mt. Rushmore

Week 7 is complete, and it is so hard to believe that I only have one week left of camp.  The summer has flown by and I can't believe that I will have only been home for about 3 weeks of my summer.  This summer has definitely been a very growing experience.  It has been a privilege to see God at work here at camp.

Yesterday, Daniel and I went to Rapid City, SD to see Mt. Rushmore which I have never seen.  It was beautiful and a lot of fun to see that.  Here are some pictures.

Can't believe I have actually been to Mt. Rushmore.  It is definitely a masterpiece. 

I found the Vermont flag, but don't think I got a picture.  It was at the very end. 

We drove up over this mountain looking for a park you are supposed to be able to drive through and see a wide variety of wildlife, but we couldn't find it.  We did see a deer though!

It was a fun time being off campus and taking a break from campers.  This past week was probably one of my worst and one of my best weeks of camp.  Some of the issues my girls came in with were huge, but I simply hit it off with most of my girls so well, making it a fun week.  If you happen to think of it, please pray for my one camper who left this week unsaved.  She is unwilling to let go of her sin because she feels that it is what is holding her together.  She knows the consequences, and knows she needs to accept Christ, but is unwilling.  I am scared for her though if she continues in her current life habits.  Please pray for her.

This coming week I will be in my same cabin with Explorers (6-8th grade).  I am eager to see what the Lord has in store for the week, both for my girls, and for me!  

Mom and Sarah get back from Ecuador tomorrow evening.  Please pray for their last time in Ecuador and for safety in travel.  From their quick updates, it sounds like they have had a wonderful time.  They have been ministering through a VBS as well as a basketball camp, and have been able to reach well over one hundred fifty between the two ministries.  They have suffered minimal health issues, and we are praying that continues.  I am eager to see my whole family next week!

It is my prayer that the Lord radically change your life this week, bringing you out of your comfort zone so that He may be glorified, and that you may be forced to rely on Him.  I encourage you to focus on people this week, because people is all that will matter after death!

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