Wednesday, August 3, 2011

prayer requests

Sending out a quick request for prayer...

I have seven camper-campers in my cabin this week and am enjoying them a lot.  They are so much fun, and for the most part, everyone in the group gets along well.  Prayer though would be so appreciated with a few specific issues I am running into.

Two of my girls are trying to make enemies with me by breaking dress code so that I have to speak to them about it.  Please pray the Lord would change their heart that they would respect their body by being modest.  Pray for me that I would have the wisdom to handle it well.

These same two girls have a spiritual background, but are not living it right now.  I find myself getting discouraged because I feel they are taking quiet time too lightly.  I find myself getting riled up and have to pray to calm myself down, knowing that I can't make them have a quiet time, but instead it is the work of the Holy Spirit changing their hearts.  Please pray He does change their hearts, and helps me not worry about it.

I have a girl in my cabin who has recently stopped going to church because "we are good people, we know all of the stories, and we have our own Bible".  Please pray for this girl and her family.  Pray specifically on Thursday evening as my CIT will be doing a devotional on the importance of going to a Bible believing church (not just to preach at this one girl, because others are struggling with the same question).

Please pray for the staff in general as we are very tired.  Counseling especially is a very exhausting time: physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  Many are getting sick, and we just want to be able to finish off strong.

I am so thankful that I have the promise that God will hear and listen to my prayers.  Please join me in lifting these requests up to the Lord...and don't forget to thank Him for the answer He has yet to give.  All praise and honor goes to Him!

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