Sunday, August 14, 2011

requesting travelling prayers

I can't believe it, but my summer at Trail's End Ranch has come to a completion.  I said goodbye to my last group of campers yesterday morning.  They were a fun bunch of gals!  I will tell you all about my week at a later time.  For right now, I am writing to ask for prayers for travel safeties in general for all those staff members traveling home within these next few days.  Daniel just pulled off camp for a long drive to Texas.  My travel plans are a bit more spoiled.  I will attend church this morning in Ekalaka, and then after church will head to Billings, MT with Suzie, Jenny, and Emily.  Suzie's flight leaves later today.  Jenny and I will stay at Emily's house tonight, and I will fly out roughly 10:45 am MDT.  I covet your prayers.  Prayers also as I am currently overtired sick, and want it better before I fly.  I am flying to Nashville, TN to be picked up by Tim and Beth.  I will stay at Tim and Beth's for several days until I head back up to school.  My family (Dad, Mom, and Sis) will drive down to AL Tuesday and Wednesday, so the family (minus Scott) will have some time together before I have to be back to school the twenty-second for RA training. 

Well, I better get back to packing up my cabin.  Thank you for your prayers!

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