Wednesday, August 17, 2011

pictoral journal of the last week or so

Here I am in Alabama.  I can barely believe that my summer in Montana at Trail's End Ranch is complete.  I cannot even explain how much I have learned and grown this summer.  I was pleased when in my exit interview, Pat assured me "Becky, you have changed so very much from when you first came here."  To me, that is very good news.  I went into this wanting it to change my life, and it sure did that--Praise Him! Thank you all for your faithful prayers.  I felt them more then you will ever know.  You played a part in the ministry and the lives that were changed.

My last week of camp went very well...once it got started.  I had eight girls in my cabin, one of which was a CIT, which basically means she was more of a helper then a camper.  And she was a huge help at that.  She did devotions on modesty on Thursday, and did a great job.  She learned a lot from her study too which is awesome.  She came up to me afterwards and said "we don't teach girls this just because, we teach them this because it is in the Bible."  What a privilege it was for me to see this light go on for her.

One of the girls that was in my cabin came in with some heavy burdens and a very hard heart.  In talking to her Sunday night, she shared her anger and frustrations, "I don't want to be here, my mom made me come.  I don't want to be in the cabin with all of these girls.  None of them are as old or mature as me.  I just can't make friends with any of them, and don't want to be around them."  I encouraged her to try to overlook the differences and still try to make friends with them.  Shamefully, I must admit that I felt a bit defeated at this point and was afraid my last week was going to be horrible.  God had different plans though.  He gave me the strength to give this girl some tough love on Sunday night, and I barely had any issues with her from there on out.  Friday night as we were sharing with each other our favorite parts of the week, it came to this girl's turn, and her response was "My favorite part of the week was making friends with the girls here in the cabin and hanging out with them."  Talk about an answer to prayer!  It was so amazing to hear this out of her mouths and to see the joy in her eyes at the end of the week.  She wins the most improved camper of the summer from my cabins.  All the praise goes to the Lord!

On Saturday evening, we had a huge dinner for the staff.  Jim is an awesome chef and spoils us summer staff. We had prime rib, fried onions (like pieces of a blooming onion), baked potato, green salad, and homemade cheese biscuits.

It was a great time of fellowship and a delicious time of dessert--strawberry pie with cool whip.  After the meal, we had about an hour of down time, where I cleaned my cabin.  After that, we were all called back.  We watched the staff slide show and video, shared some testimonies, and then took communion together.  What an awesome way to end a great summer!

On Sunday, all the churches were combined, because Ekalaka was going through fair week.  We had the joined church service at the fairgrounds.  Each church shared one special music and one testimony.  It was very different, but yet still very good.  At the end, Bob shared the gospel message.  I must confess though that it was difficult to focus with all of the animals moving in the background.

After church, I had to say goodbyes.  It was a happy sad.  I enjoyed my friends at camp, but at the same time, I was eager to be with family too.

 This actually was taken last weekend. This is my dear friend, and prayer partner, Mandie.  She had to leave a week early for RA training.

  The four of us had a ton of fun together--Mandie, Aron, Daniel, and I

Lachelle and I 

Shalisha (the camp nurse) and I

After saying goodbyes and packing up the car, Emily, Suzie, Jenny, went back to Billings.  Suzie's flight left at 5pm, so that was our goal.  After dropping Suzie off at the airport, the three of us headed to Wal-Mart, and then to dinner.  The second time in my life ever having Chicago deep dish pizza.  I like it a lot, but could not get in a habit of eating it.  We then stopped at RedBox and went to Emily's house for a relaxing evening.  I went to bed early a little after nine and enjoyed a great night's sleep.

We left Emily's house around 9:30am for the ten minute drive to the airport.  I made my flight no problem, and had a layover in Denver, CO.  I was so thankful to see the sign say Nashville.  Nashville interprets in Becky's mind as "Tim, Beth, and Annette!"

I arrived safely, and am enjoying my time immensely in Alabama.  Annette Grace has gotten so big, and such a happy, beautiful, baby girl.  Tim and Beth are happy and beautiful too, haha!  Dad, Mom, and Sarah arrive later on today.  Hoping and praying for safety and alertness as they have been traveling all night long.

Aunt Becky and Annette

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