Friday, September 2, 2011

dorm room #3

I would like to take you on a tour into my home.  If you would like the full affect of what it would feel like entering my hall and walking into my door, check out this past blog.

As you enter my room, these next four pictures will be from one corner taking the picture of the opposite corner.  The corner pictured starts at the far right (when walking in) and moves right.

 Thanks to Mom, I have curtains aesthetically hung over my window.  In my opinion the four things that make a room a home: curtains, quilt, jewelry box, and pictures.  Thankfully, I have all four!

 I love the white lights over my bed--they add a warm feeling for all who enter.  The lap quilt offers additional color, while always being handy for if I am studying on my bed...also, another beautiful creation!  I was able to borrow Daniel's refrigerator again which is such a blessing.  In the new dorm, the faucet water does not get cold, only cool.  Therefore the frig has been coming in extra handy this year.  I have gotten several compliments already on the quilted pillow that Sarah made.

 Another wonderful feature of the women's dorms at ABC is that they have sinks!  In the new dorm, each room has two sinks (for both roommates).  This particular sink is my personal sink.  One good thing about living alone is that I can write on the mirror without having to worry about disturbing the other person's view.  The back of my door serves as my prayer door, with pictures serving as reminders to pray for these situations or people.  It still needs a little more help.

 My other sink serves as the "hot spot" (I just made that name up).  It will serve both as my sink/counter to serve hot drinks on, as well as my dishes sink.  The pictures on my wall make me happy!

Here is a panoramic of my room when you walk in the door.  If you click the picture, you can see it bigger. 

I have been very pleased with my desk set up, offering extra surface space to spread out on.  I also enjoy having the window just behind my shoulder.  It offers good natural light, as well as it is easily accessible to look out, but not distracting. 

I remember when we were building our current house, Dad had quickly mentioned possibly putting a sink in our girl's room (it didn't actually happen because it didn't make sense when Sarah and I would both be leaving soon).  At the time, it seemed like a very odd idea.  Since coming to college though, I have grown to love having a sink in my room. I love having all of my things in my room, and not having to always put a toothbrush cover over my toothbrush.  So thankful for this sink!

Here is just a closer look of my "hot spot".

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  I love my home, and want it to be a place where people feel welcome to come, sit, chat, and pray!  If you are ever in the area, give me a call and stop by.  I would love to show it off to you in person.

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