Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Roommate Day!

Here on campus, today is a very special day...it is Roommate Day!  Many of our students (girls especially) go all out in doing something special for their roommate to show how much they appreciate each other.  It is so fun seeing the different things they do for each other.  A few things they do for each other are: breakfast in bed, notes waiting for them at each class, a notes scavenger hunt, gift cards, flowers, chocolate, a meal out, etc.  As many of you know, due to being an RA, I have my own room this year (aka: no roommate).  I was not expecting anything since well, I don't have a roommate.

This morning, waking up was hard.  I think I am fighting a cold, and with a lot going on I was dead exhausted.  After hitting snooze for over fifteen minutes I finally stumbled out of bed and out of my room to take a shower.  I was pleasantly surprised to find flowers, homemade blueberry muffins, and a note that read "Happy Roommate/RA day!"  One of the other girl RAs had taken on each of us other girl RAs as her roommate.  How special and encouraging.  Thanks, Bekah (H)!

Aren't they so beautiful? Bright and Cheerful!

Later on in the day, when I got back from lunch, I found another gift outside my door.  The other RA for this building had written a sweet note with a small gifts.  Thanks, Bekah (B)!  These two young ladies know how to brighten a day of a gal who is tired, and feels worn thing--thanks ladies for being an encouragement to me.

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